YDW for your team

Design is an essential part of every business. Design starts from the idea of a product or service and ends with the feeling your customer has after using it. Everyone in your company has to understand design to create an end to end experience, to design, sell, market and support customers on their way. Design is the key of a successful business, and we're here to guide your team through it.

YDW is a perfect event to introduce your non-designer employees to design principles and offer them a weekend full of inspiration, creativity and practical knowledge.

Why take part in YDW?

- YDW is one of a kind designathon of learning the essentials of great web design in a short time frame
- We cover the whole design process starting from design thinking to practical assignments of designing your own website
- We have a network of experienced mentors with years of design experience who will guide participants throughout the event
- We break the process of designing a website into parts and make it very simple and easy to understand
- No previous experience needed - YDW is a perfect opportunity to learn design with no previous experience
- You don't need to know how to use any design software.
- Meet great new people - all our organizers, mentors, other participants are amazing and talented people. You'll fit right in.
- Just have fun! Learning should be fun and playful, and that's exactly what we've made it. 


- Essentials of great design
- Who is your target user & why you need to know that
- The basic process of designing layouts for a website
- The process of validating your designs
- The process of taking your wireframes to high-fidelity designs
- The role of branding in design
- Tools & resources for an efficient web design
- How to work with clients and with other designers


-  A laptop
- One weekend from a busy schedule
- A Golden Ticket - hint: get it here ›

We'll take care of everything else!


- Map company's business goals
-  Define a target user
- Create a persona chart
- Conduct user testing and surveys
- Design main functionality of a website
- Create low-fidelity wireframes of the main functionality
- Create high-fidelity designs using any design software
- Understand the main workflow of designers, the tools & resources they use



We're excited to answer any questions or sign your team members up for YDW designathon. You can purchase tickets through Eventbrite or request an invoice.

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