How & Why

By the end of YDW Workshop you have

Defined clear goals & target groups

You will start with defining a clear business goal. With this in mind you map your users - their problems and needs, create user stories and choose metrics that you can measure for success. 

Designed a simple website flow

With the help of professional designers you will go from user stories to sketching to drawing wireframes to designing a website layout using simple design tools. 

Created a strong call-t0-action


Content is key! You will learn to create a strong message and efficient copy to communicate the values of your product. 

Built a working


You go home with a prototype of a landing, campaign or offer page that focuses on your business needs.

YourDesignWorks gave us the possibility to develop our startup in a relaxed atmosphere, under the guidance of top UI & UX professionals
— Triin Liiv, Stagehook

What to bring

An idea/project

If you have a website idea you want to work on - great!
If not, come up with your own idea.

Team member

The more people from your team the better. Collaborating on the same project delivers best results.

Your laptop

We just ask you to bring your laptop, everything else is provided by us!


Grow your business through targeted design.