- Essentials of great design
- Who is your target user & why you need to know that
- The basic process of designing layouts for a website
- The process of validating your designs
- The process of taking your wireframes to high-fidelity designs
- The role of branding in design
- Tools & resources for an efficient web design
- How to work with clients and with other designers

all they needed was

-  A laptop
- One weekend from your busy schedule
- A Golden Ticket - hint: get it here ›

We'll take care of everything else!

PArticipants learned to

-  Define a target user
- Create a persona chart
- Conduct user testing and surveys
- Design main functionality of a website
- Create low-fidelity wireframes of the main functionality
- Create high-fidelity designs using any design software
- Understand the main workflow of designers, the tools & resources they use